Wednesday, March 22, 2006

is this thing on? 

was it just me, or was blogger being a total beeotch for most of today?

geez loiuse! It's making me think more and more about jumping ship to another platform, like some other people have done or are considering. but because I am a control freak, I'd probably have to pay for hosting, just to be able to customize my blog.

is it worth it? hmmmmm....

anway, last night was so much fun! for me! and a little for Kev, I guess.

Because we went to Macy's and started our registry!

Oh my god, is it a weird feeling. To basically say "this shall be our china pattern from now on, for eternity. SO SHALL IT BE!"

We didn't pick much out - we were pretty hungry. But we do have our china pattern (gah! so grown up!) and some nice stainless tableware. The silver is a little pricey - vera wang's silverware goes up to SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS PER PLACE SETTING! Holy crap! Kev liked having imput on what we did register for, so I guess I'll keep him in the loop. His main concern is STURDY SILVERWARE! Nothing crappy that bends when you dig into some ice cream. So the stainless set we registered for is VERY STURDY! but pretty!

There's a bunch of stuff I want to add, but I can do it online as soon as they get the registry on the website. We'll probably also hit Target, because really, who DOESN'T register at Target?

I'll probably have the registries linked at my wedding blog soon - which some of you have access to, so if you're dying to see what I've picked out, just wait a few days. If you are indignant that you are unaware of my wedding blog, email me. If I know you, I'll give you the link. My family and "real life" friends have access to that blog, so there will be a lot more detailed information on it than I'd like my normal, everyday blog stalker to know.

Anyway, after THAT fun, we ate dinner at the Buckhead Diner. Which is not really a diner. It's a really expensive restaurant that has some diner overtones, but in a tasteful and classy way. Neither of us had been there before, and we had a $25 gift card that some friends had given us a LOOOOONG time ago that we had never used and had kind of forgotten about (oops! sorry V and E!)

Anyway, we totally pigged out. Diet was long forgotten. By the time we got a table, it was almost 8:30 and we were STARVING! Appetizer pleeze! Homemade potato chips with bleu cheese sauce. For my dinner, I had a beef tenderloin BLT and some veggies...and a side of chips! The waiter forgot to mention that part...

Kev had some yummy roasted chicken and mashed taters. we were already full, but splurged on dessert. We got my ice cream for free, because it was their ANNIVERSARY DESSERT! FREE! And THAT is why you ALWAYS tell the restaurant what you are celebrating. You may possibly have to endure an embarrassing birthday serenade from the waitstaff, but the free dessert makes it all worth it. BD's ice cream is homemade...it was WONDERFUL! and no embarassing song, though they did stick a candle in it.

We waddled back to the car and made it home. And...sorry dear readers...no freaky stories of sordid funky monkey sex. We were exhausted and full to bursting. Lots of cuddling and kissies and "love you!" and cutesy stuff that people who have been together longer than 6 months don't do anymore, but we are JUST THAT CUTE!

Monkey sex shall resume tonight.

ps: I put this in the previous note's comments, but the story of how Kev and I met can be found here. It's not ALL the details, but it gives you the general story.