Sunday, February 19, 2006

you mean, like, Prilosec? 

There is nothing that gets the adrenaline pumping than a very loud, authoritative knock on the door at 1am from the police.


And there's an immediate feeling of fear and guilt. Oh my god...that library fine! they called the cops on me for not paying it!!! I think if a cop knocked on a NUN'S door unexpectedly, she would automatically look around to make sure contraband is put away.

"Those illegal downloaded mp3's of the pope's CD! they found out!!!!"

Anyway...I send Kev out (at this point, I don't know it's a cop) because Sadie is barking her fool head off and I have to get her in her crate.

I hear voices, and I peak out the door. Oh shit! It's the cops! What did we do????

"Uhh..babe? you wanna come out here?"

oh shit oh shit oh shit

The guy is short, and won't look at Kev. He looks directly at ME. "Ma'am, someone called a crises hotline and said they were taking a bunch of pills, and the number came back to this address."

Oh my god!

I assure the officer that everything here is fine. He's still glancing suspiciously at Kev - when Kev went out, he probably thought he was dealing with a domestic dispute. Kev had about 2 feet on him, and it probably made him nervous.

"no! really! I'm just knitting and watching TV. " then I thought for a sec..."Oh my god, maybe it's one of my neighbors?"

There's the party girl upstairs, the sisters downstairs, the extremely butch woman across from us....

None of them struck me as ever being suicidal, but you can tell from my intimate knowledge of them (hi, I don't even know their NAMES), I really have no idea.

Police guy is finally convinced that I am not suicidal, and leaves, saying that this kind of thing happens all the time. He also seems not all that worried that SOMEwhere out there, a woman may or may not have taken a shitload of pills in an effort to make her problems go away forever.


I hope the protective angels are with her tonight.