Thursday, December 22, 2005


wrapped all gifts but one - my father's. His scarf is drying, pinned down to remove the annoying curl.

"and presents under...the treeeeee" Clicky to see what they are.

Dad's scarf, blocking.
blocking my father's scarf

All baking is finished. I even finally finished the truffles - scraped the refrigerated ganache and rolled it into balls, then roll into cocoa powder. Mmmmm...so good! So I was able to make the treat bags for my lab mates, and a cookie tray for my advisor.

treat bags and tray

Got all my cards made out and stamped! Everyone will get them late! But that's not the point!




My place is a DISASTER area. I am not packed. But that can be done tomorrow, without worrying about the 30 other things I had to finish.

Also, the cranberry vodka is DONE! It was fun to make, and I think I explained it in a previous post, so go there if you're interested.

Cranberry Vodka Mosaic