Saturday, December 17, 2005

christmas party RULES! 

Yeah it was fun!

Way too much food. And some "holiday cheer" in a bottle...brought by me. I made some cranberry vodka, most of which I'm taking home for celebrating with my family, but I brought a sample big enough for everyone to share.

mmm...dangerously good...

the gifts were HYSTERICAL! and of COURSE I have pictures.

it's a major award!
this is one of the gifts we brought. CLASSY!!!

pig bank!
I ended up with this plastic green piggy bank. AWESOME! I'm going to keep it at work and put quarters for my coffee in it.

Kev ended up with a horrible monstrosity of a tree ornament (we think). As best anyone could figure, it's SUPPOSED to be an eggplant/baby hybrid. But it is unbelievably awful and scary looking.

Amazingly, I don't have a picture. maybe later.

And...that's about it! Everyone had fun, especially the kids. There were no tears, even when the "stealing" part of the white elephant exchange took place. The veggie dish I brought was a huge hit - might be because it had a generous amount of melty bleu cheese smothering the once healthy veggies.


OH! yeah...and one more thing...

and because Serra demanded...

cranberry vodka

1 lb fresh cranberries
1 c sugar

cook together in pot until cranberries pop and a lot of liquid forms. remove from heat and add

2tsp vanilla, or 1 split vanilla bean, if you have that kind of money to throw around.

pour into large glass jar, or two mason jars, or whatever - just make sure it has a tight lid, and then add

1 bottle decent vodka - not the cheapo crap you bought for $10 a gallon and mixed with a garbage can of grape kool-aid in college.

cover with lid and let sit on your kitchen counter for a week. admire the pretty color.

then serve with tonic and a twist of lime....mmmmmm....good!