Saturday, November 05, 2005

up too late picture post 

Got some new and overdue pics to post...randomly.

Remember my felty mule shoes I talked about the other day? here they are! Clicky clicky to make biggie biggie.

felty shoes

OK Sloth, go change your underwear.


Look ma! JAZZ HANDS! No silly! it's just my fingerless mittens, done!

fingerless mittens DONE!


this is the cocktail monkey bag from knitty. It's made from hemp cord, which is a little more difficult to work with than regular yarn. It's a little darker than it appears in this pic - the flash washed it out a bit. It's a pain in the BUTT to keep all those needles from falling out!

cocktail monkey bag


My most recent frivolous yarn splurge - baby alpaca. I bought it under the guise of making something from my dad, but as soon as I walked out of the store, I decided it wasn't masculine enough. DARN! Guess I'll keep it and make something for ME! Like a nice warm hat!

baby alpaca

fun fact: I'm in my pj's in that pic above. The best sleepwear ever: a Pittsburgh Pirates nightshirt, circa early 90's. The tshirt material is worn soft after years of wear, and the Pirates logo on the front is almost illegible. Just how old is it? On the front is a pic of a catcher tagging a runner out at home. I'm pretty sure that the catcher is Mike Levallier (sp?). I *heart* this nightshirt!