Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Must less ranty today. Blogger is still being so-so...but I can handle that.

I'm wearing my felty mule shoes today. Sloth will probaby crap herself because of their hideousness, but I LOVE THEM! LIKE WEARING SLIPPERS TO WORK! Ahhhhhh....

Today I learned that kecap manis is sweet soy sauce. I bought a very cool book called "delicious noodles" for $3 at Borders last week. It is full of yummy asian noodle dishes (HA!) and very strange ingredients. God bless google. A lot of this stuff I'm pretty sure I will have to go to an actual asian market for - not even my beloved farmer's market carries some of this stuff.

I finished the fingerless mittens, too. Just in time for the weather to get warm again. OF COURSE! But as SOON as that thermometer dips, baby...my palms and wrists are going to be COZY WARM!

Free lunch with a speaker today...ahhh...the joys of free lunch for a grad student. I don't even care what kind of food...FREE, BABY!