Saturday, October 22, 2005

yeah, what do YOU do on friday nights? 

I got BIZZ-ZAY! no...not THAT kind. that was earlier today. In the shower. But Friday I got industriously biz-zay.

Remember that chair from my grandparents house that I brought back with me a while back? I FINALLY got around to the reupholstering. I think you'll agree that the blue looks MUCH better than those nasty orange velour stripes.

finished chair

All I can say is...thank GOD for my staple gun! Awesome! Everyone needs one! Made the job go so fast! Just...don't tell my father. He wanted me to do it the way HE learned...using furniture tacks. Ugh. I'd still be hammering those suckers in.

The tricky part was sewing the cover for the back pad. I tried using the old fabric as a pattern...but it ended up being too small. wtf??? So I used the pad itself as a guide, traced it onto newspaper, pinned THAT directly to the fabric, and sewed it up (yes Aimee, I successfully used my sewing machine WITHOUT calling you in a panic!). That time it worked! I can use the too small one for...a pillow? I have extra cotton batting left.

It's so comfy now, definately my new knitting nook. And to make it COMPLETE...

my festival purchase

Today at the Scandinavian festival (oh yeah we went!) I bought this handmade woven basket. It's going to hold all my current projects. YOU. ARE. JEALOUS! The woman who sold it to me told me her whole family makes them. She was African American, so I asked her which Scandinavian country she was from. Yeah..I was apparently the 3rd person to make that joke. At least she laughed!

More pics from the festival at my flickr site. Click on Kev lusting after viking weaponry to see them all!

I said no!

I told him...absolutely not!!!