Sunday, August 14, 2005

Length alert - with the dirty bit close to the beginning 


You guys rock.

Now I have to go about getting the up on the recipe site. HOW COOL IS THAT?


Spoons on Sunday

Today I went to church for the first time since June. The choir had July off...soo...I just decided I needed a break. I had rotated off the session, so my responsibilites have dropped considerably. And I had been dangerously approaching burnout.

But I set the alarm to wake up this morning - annnnd...I nearly didn't make it.

Something about me waking up for church makes Kev so horny. I don't think it's the church aspect that's doing it, I believe it's the fact that I don't need to wake at the crack of dawn to go to church, but it's early enough that we're not sore and exhausted from doing our sleep-in-waaaaay to late Saturday-type routine (why does sleeping until 11 make you tired ALL DAY???). So my alarm goes off this morning, and on cue, Kev rolls over and snuggles up to me, pulling me tight against him.


Have I mentioned before how much the spooning position relaxes me? It's the pressure on my back...especially the lower back..that does it for me. And just feeling his body along the whole length of my body...*chills*

Well, it wasn't long until I felt him hardening against me. Another amazing feeling, and I automatically pushed back slightly to really feel his cock pressing up against my butt and thighs.

Spooning led to rubbing which led to kissing and nibbling...

and all that, of couse led to...ahem...well, you know....

all in all, it's amazing I got to church on time.

Weekend Warriors

After church I stopped at an Ace hardware to see if they had any nice mailboxes. I'm getting my mom a new mailbox for her birthday. The one they have now is a painted aluminum that's pretty beat up and peeling. I've seen some nice ones online - copper! for $88! but still it never hurts to check out actual stores. off-line shopping, if you will.

Sooo...they have some nice ones, but nothing I'm looking for. So I wander around because I love hardware stores - so many projects! So much fun! A project that's waiting to be done is cleaning up and re-upholstering my grandparents rocking chair.

rocking chair

It's got a horrible orange striped velour like material on it. ugh. My father upholtered it years and years ago for my grandparents. When I decided to take the chair, he recommending a good cleaning, minwax, and reupholstering.

So while I was at Ace's, I picked up some minwax. Hooray! Project!

And since I was out and thinking about the chair, I decided to head over to a fabric store to pick up the fabric I would use to reupholster. I found some GORGEOUS blue velvety stripes with mulicolored background - bad description...here!

fabric for chair

pretty, no? I bought enough for the chair, and maybe a pillow or two...for only $18!

Anyway, when i got home, I remembered I had ANOTHER project waiting for me...the hardware I had gotten from Ikea (IKEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!) for my kitchen cabinets.

I surveyed the landscape. Hmmmmm....ew. Cabinets are greasy. Very greasy. I hate having an oven vent that doesn't actually vent to the outside. Grease everywhere. I should clean off the cabinets before putting on the hardware.

Ta-da! I have Greased Lightening! So I wipe down the cabinets, pulling off a DISGUSTING AMOUNT OF GRIME OH MY GOD MY KITCHEN IS FILTHY. But I've probably taken off a bit of the finish with the greased lightening...



bankrupcy? MINWAX!

divorce? MINWAX!

constipation? MINWAX!

So I minwax my cabinets and WOW PRESTO! Hey, I have nice cabinets!

Now it's time for the hardware. Now Kev gets involved, because if you measure wrong the project becomes a complete disaster. UNEVEN HARDWARE! NOT EVEN MINWAX CAN FIX!

Kev takes over the project at this point. I am allowed to drill a few holes, that's it. So while he's busy measuring and cutting out cardboard templates, I start on the chair.

I know I need to save the fabric because that will become my template for the new upholstry.

The first part - removing the back pad - is easy. It's just held on with a few finishing nails. Easy. NEXT!

Now I flip the chair over. Hmmm...the bottom fabric is held on one side with tacks, and then sewed on the other three. I steal Kev's leatherman tool, and start prying out tacks. And more tacks.
grrrr!  chair monster!

and once i get THAT off, there's more tacks holding on the main fabric. LOTS OF TACKS! MY DAD WENT TACK CRAZY!!!

can't say it's not secure!

My hands are sore from prying out so many tacks.

that's alot of tacks

The springs are in good shape, but the padding is shot - it disintigrates into cottony confettie when I pull the fabric off. So I call Dad - for advice on my next move, and to yell at him for all the tacks.

He tells me that the tacks are neccessary - all of them.

No, I can't use a staple gun isntead. damn.

Fun fact from my dad: professional upholsterers use "sterile tacks" which they hold in their mouth and use a magnetized hammer to pull on out at a time and nail it in without having to hold it with their hands. Ew. ("you will not be doing this" "yeah, no kidding")

He tells me to find an upholstery supply store to get the materials I need - or a fabric store if I can't find one. I need more padding. I need a new "barrier" thing to keep the springs from sticking up through the padding. I need tacks....DAMN!

He says I can call him if I need more help. I level with him.

"dad, I am your true daughter. this chair will stay naked like this for 3 or 4 more months before I get around to working on it again."

So the chair is stripped, but still dirty and un-minwaxed. Maybe I'll get to it this week.

In the meantime, Kev finished the cabinets. They look GREAT! I was sick of my hardware-less cabinets. I was always breaking nails - which is painful.

Anyway, wanna see? Click to make them bigger so you can appreciate how clean and shiny they are...MINWAX!

cleaned cabinets and hardware

new hardware

drawer handles

Didn't he do a nice job? So as a reward, I made grilled sockeye salmon filets with wasabe mashed potatoes and a fresh veggie salad with sesame dressing. Mmmmm! Yeah yeah, mashed potatoes. But we deserved it for working so hard!