Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I am so fucking pissed off today. I was a raging evilsciencechick. I wanted to throw glassware across the room. I wanted to choke my advisor. I wanted to scream at her "YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY AND MAKING MY STAY HERE LONGER AND UNBEARABLE!!!!"

Instead, I said "No. No. I'm going to do it THIS way, first."

I'm still too angry to go into any more detail. So instead I'll blog about anything else.

straggler questions

Nanner asks:
do you shave your hoo haw, if so how much, and what does Kevin prefer vs. what you prefer?

Yes, I do shave my hoo haw. It's a topic near and dear to my heart, and I'm pretty sure I've irreversibly burned images into the brains of my real-life friends who occassionally read here with descriptions of my shaved hoo haw.

I shave off everything but a little triangle - a "dorito," if you will, which I keep trimmed. Once Kev asked me to go au natural...but things just got a little too prickly down there. So Kev is happy with the trimmed look - also keeps things from tickling his nose...during...um...uhh...fun times.

Riz asks:
How long does it take before a vibrator wears out?

Good lord, I have no idea. I haven't worn one out yet! Ummm...I know you've received one as a gift rather recently, and I would have to say that if it's worn out already, either it was a cheap ass product...or...you really REALLY REALLY need a boyfriend!!!!

opinion poll

thanks for making the first ever "ask the evils" a success! Now...I can just leave it be...OR I can make this a regular...say monthly...feature.

What say you, my loyal readers?

weekend wrap up

We had a fun, but not so relaxing labor day weekend in 'bama. I guess it was a "working" vacation. Saturday, Kev stayed at his mom's and patched some leaks on her roof and the roof of the shed out back. I took Sadie and headed over to his sisters, where I WASHED THE HELL OUT OF MY CAR.

Have I ever mentioned my talent for detailing a car? yeah, I rock. Wash, polish, wax. I vacuumed. I used a special mitt to pick up dog hair. I armor-all'ed the dash and doors. Washed the windows. And finally sprayed the whole interior down with Febreeze.

My car is awesome.

my shiny car

you are jealous, and want me to do YOUR car. I will...for $60.

Our respective tasks took most of the afternoon, so we crashed pretty hard that evening.

Sunday morning, I awake bleary eyed, and emerge from my room with an energetic Sadie.

aside: I make Sadie sleep in my room when we're there. Kev's mom INSISTS on taking the couch, and Kev sleeps in her room. Sadie LOVES his mom, and wants to sleep in the living room with her. NO! good lord, the poor woman wouldn't get any sleep. So I keep Sadie with me. And she displays her displeasure by NOT SLEEPING AT ALL and GLARING AT ME and making MOUTH SMACKING WET NOISES all night. Fucker. I just ignored her. I don't think she slept more than 3 hours all weekend. Consequently, she's only left her bed/crate for walks since we got back. And...nice...5 minutes ago she left to throw up a big chunk of grass. Thank you, Sadie. You are the gift that keeps on giving.

Kev's mom was in the kitchen...cooking? I thought she didn't cook anymore. She told me to go wake Kev, and then something something "biscuits." Kev LOOOOOOVES his mom's biscuits.

Kev was still asleep in bed. I crawled in with him, and spooned up against him.

me: your mom says it's time to get up. I think she said something about biscuits.

kev: mfffmmmmmfmmfmmmm..biscuits....mmmffrrrrmm....

me: what was that?

Kev: mmmfmfmmm you'd better get in there and learn how to make them, woman.

me: I know how to make bicuits!!!

Kev: uh huh.

me: I DO! First you peel the paper off the tube until it pops open...

Kev: *grooooan*

me: then you take out the biscuits and put them on a baking sheet...

Kev: gaaaaaack! that's not how you make biscuits, woman!

much tickling...but no nookie. mom's down the hall, after all.

Kev's mom made what is apparently a southern breakfast specialty: biscuits and chocolate gravy. Yes...chocolate gravy. It's like a thick hot fudge sauce, but not quite as sweet. It was sinfully delicious...

More work on my car. My power steering had slowly been failing me, until my steering wheel creaked like a fat man getting out of bed. Kev took a look - the power steering fluid was black. That's not right. That's actually pretty bad. What the hell is up with my power steering????

So there's no real easy way to do this. He drained it, added a special power steering cleaner, all while I sat behind the wheel, turning the car on and off, turning the wheel, etc. The system has to be flushed, too, so he poured fluid in, let it drain, then more fluid. In between I had to drive down the road to the high school parking lot and do figure-8's. Yes, I felt RIDICULOUS! As I made the last figure-8 of my last trip, another car drove up and joined me. He rolled down the window.

"you lost?"

seriously, if I were lost, would I be doing figure-8s?

It was a lot of work, but now my steering is smooooooooth. Thanks, baby!

taking a break

and dude...is there ANYTHING hotter than a tired, dirty, greasy man, taking a break after working on YOUR car?


He even checked out his mom's car.

Kev working on car


umm..where was I?

Kev's mom treated us to a steakhouse dinner that night. The next morning, Kev quickly changed my oil, and we headed out soon after lunch.

And THAT was our last hurrah! summer vacation.

I'm exhausted.

quick knit note

I so want to make this.


recipe request

This next weekend is the choir retreat. Which yes, SOUNDS lame, but really...it's awesome. Much drinking and eating and games and fun will be had. Last year was a blast.

Here's the deal: last year I made yummy brownies, which EVERYONE loved...everyone but Beth, who is allergic to gluten. ooops. And while she was very gracious about it, I know how left out I feel when someone brings some delicious treats to an occasion, chock full o' nuts.

So...while I am perfectly capable of looking up some gluten-free recipes, I was just wondering if anyone out there in blogland has any good ones? Preferable a flourless chocolate torte-y kind of thing. Anything with chocolate. AND no nuts.

Email me your recipes at evilsciencechick at gmail dot com. I will post them on the recipe site, of course, and whoever sends in whichever one I choose to make for the retreat, will receive...ummm...a "special prize," I guess. Something fun! PLUS, if that WASN'T ENOUGH...when everyone in the choir is all "ooooo...ESC this *whatever* is soooooo good!" I'll reply with "well, it's my good friend's *your name here* recipe! aren't they great??" And my choir will love you.

See? a special prize AND the adoration of a small, presbyterian choir. You can't beat that with a stick.

The only rules are that you HAVE to have either made the recipe yourself, OR gotten the recipe from a friend, and you've actually tasted and approved of the recipe.