Wednesday, September 28, 2005

now on to more pleasant things... 

again, if you've stumbed across this site, and actually know me, please read here first. Or check out my cool new "disclaimer" on my side bar.

BUT...on to bigger and better things! Things that have nothing to do with disturbing Yahoo searches! or Rachel Ray! or ex-girlfriends!

Let's talk about...MY NEW HAIR CUT!

new hair cut

hair from the back


and...how dark...it is...

yeah, most of the old highlights have been cut off. I've got a box of L'Oreal all ready. So this weekend, it's DYE TIME, BABY!

What else have I been doing, you ask?

Why....making FLAUTAS!

from this yummy recipe.

flautas are fried...booo....but in healthy veggie oil, so yay!
pan fry
also, I realized later that when he said "goat cheese" he actually meant "feta." I used actual creamy log-shaped goat cheese...which was YUMMY, but meant that occasionally, while frying a small blob of cheese would fall out into the hot oil...AND EXPLODE INTO A SPRAY OF SEARING HOT OIL ON MY FACE! I'm OK though.

Big pile o' flautas.
pile o' flautas
we dipped them in guacamole and scarfed good portion of them down. mmmmmmmm....