Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hello there potential-spoilsport! 

A disturbing google search led someone here. Someone who, in all likelihood, knows me. Knows my family. Or IS my family.

I knew this day would come. I never went out of my way to protect my identity on here. A good, detailed google search by someone who knows me, would probably lead them here. And the pics I've posted are never blurred or boxed over. If you found the site and think you know me, you probably do.

I knew that the day would come when SOMEONE would stumble across this little site. I would scan the google searchs, looking for a telling search.

But now...it might have happen.

So if you are reading this, and you KNOW me in "real" life, this post is for you.

Hello. Welcome to my brain. These are my thoughts and feelings. Some boring. Some interesting. Some...well...explicit. This site was originally meant to be an online diary only for me. I never in a million years thought anyone would ever read it. But see all those people on my sidebar? Most of those people are friends I only know through our blogs.

Crazy, isn't it?

But I digress.

You may stay for a while, poke around in my archives, do what you will. But I will give you the same warning I have given all my "real world" friends that know about this site: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Here is the ONE PLACE I do not censor myself. Here I can post about ANYTHING. This site has been better therapy for me than any doctor or pastor could give. It has changed my life infinately for the better. Getting some of the poison OUT OF MY BRAIN has kept me sane this past year and a half.

And if you do or say ANYTHING to ruin that for me, I swear to God you will pay for it. I don't know how...but you will. I NEED THIS SITE, CAN YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND THAT?

So here are the rules:

1. like I said above: read at your own risk. I am not accountable for any images now seared into the back of your brain.

2. SHUT YER TRAP! While this blog isn't neccessarily a secret, I don't really feel like having it broadcast amongst all my friends and family. So read, enjoy, but DON'T forward it to your entire address book.

3. don't tell me. seriously. If you think for a moment that my knowledge of YOUR knowledge would make me or you uncomfortable, OR might give me pause in what I write in here from now on...THEN I DON'T WANT TO KNOW! IF YOU ARE MY MOTHER, FOR GOD'S SAKE PLEASE DON'T LET ON THAT YOU'VE READ THIS!

One day I might be at peace with her reading this. I gain inspiration from Dooce - who freely talks about poop and sex, in the same post, while her family reads on in horror. I love that.

So those are the rules I ask...no...BEG you to follow. Enjoy my brain, but don't disturb it - my brain needs PEACE!