Saturday, June 04, 2005

I stayed out of the wine section 

Errands to run...

Had to go to the lab for a little bit today. The good news is that I won't have to go in again tomorrow. The bad news is that the reason is that the test on my latest batch of plates wasn't pretty - same problem. The denser sample cells grew a nice lawn. The dilute cells didn't grow at all! So a wasted 128 plates and I can't do a fluctuation experiment on tuesday. At least I found this out BEFORE I did my big experiment. But this plate problem is seriously starting to piss me off.

Next stop: Ace Hardware. Some paintbrushes Kev had ordered were in, and I wanted to get some NEW basil, as my last batch ALL DIED...AGAIN! And...some terra cotta pots. And...a tomato cage.

Last stop: Dekalb County International Farmer's Market (aka "heaven on earth"). All I needed to get was some olive oil. And I wanted to pick up some peach nectar, so I could try out Serra's EXCELLENT sounding peachy iced tea recipe.

And maybe JUST a few more things...maybe stuff to make some thai food...umm...yeah...fish sauce...and...some thai hot and sour soup mix...and coconut milk.

And I'd like to make some hummus...chick peas and tahini...oo...beans...more black beans...and some white beans...

Oh, and Thai basil. can't make thai food without thai basil...oh, and I need cucumbers. and red peppers. And garlic. And mushrooms and tofu for the thai soup.

And lemons. limes.

Oh, and some fresh mozzerella to go with the tomatoes at home. And some soft and creamy frenchy bleu cheese.

But that's ALL!

Oh, and challah bread.

and tortilla chips.

Now with added "features"

If you have a good browser, you should be able to see my new "favicon." Look up the page...further...further...see the address bar? Look before the address...see it? Yeah, I'm that cool. Go ahead...be jealous. I'll just sit back and bask in the glory.

What do ya mean, "what's it supposed to be?" It's a DNA strand, silly!

Yeah, well, it was really very easy. Just go to this favicon creating website, upload a square picture, and it will generate an .ico file for you to download, which includes a readme file on how to install it.

One caution: you can't store the .ico file on photobucket, so if that's how you store your pictures, you'll have to find a site that accepts that file type.

google searches of note

too good to just stick on my side bar:

my mom took my razors away today and i stole some razors from the store and i cut myself (Google)

pussies shit crap poop sex (Google)

he found my g-spot (Google)

screw you guys i'm going home (Google)