Saturday, April 09, 2005

...with little leafy mullets! **update** 

Just got back from Pike nursery, where I rounded out my balcony herb garden for the season. I'd already bought some from Wa....from a place that sells at low low prices, but the thyme had already died (predictably, my thyme always dies.) and, mysteriously, so had the basil. Usually basil grows like weeds for me. I had to get some replacements.

Pike's herbs are more expensive, but are usually better quality. Probably because they, like, you know...."water" them. Unlike Wal...well, you know.

Anyway, picked up some more thyme, some dill, tarragon, and something called "pesto" basil, and...the crowning glory: Lesbos Basil.




YEAH I bought it! And I noticed that while basil usually grows straight up with leaves growing off the stem, this basil is actually bushy. BWAHA! BUSHY LESBIAN BASIL!!!!

OK, maybe it's not as funny as I thought. It's been a slow day - c'mon...I took PICTURES OF MY POLLENY CAR!

Anyway, also picked up a tomato plant. The label said right on it: "PATIO", so I hope it grows well. One year I had so many little grape tomatoes that I couldn't keep up and they rained down on my downstairs neighbor like a miniature tomatina festival.

Now I have to get ready to see my friend Elizabeth and her husband, whom I haven't seen since she gave birth in January. I STILL have the little italian charm braclet I put together for her with little baby related charms. So I finally get to give it to her. We're looking forward to a night of pizza, cake, drinking, and cranium. But quietly, because Little D will probably be sleeping.

Ah...fun with breeders.


And HERE'S THE PROOF! bwaha!

Drank way too much wine last night, and we had WAY MORE FUN than any group of people should have when there's an almost-4-month old present. Little D was very well behaved, didn't fuss too much, no crying, and only blurped up gross stuff at the very beginning, causing wardrobe changes for both mommy and baby. While we played Cranium at the dining room table, he was in the bassinet doing leg excercises. At least I think he was, all you could see of him were little socked feet going up and down. yay!