Friday, January 21, 2005

Oh Baby! - more more more! 

My friend's baby was born this morning at 6:40am, via emergency C-section. Apparently, after going through all those contractions, and the dilations, and the inducing, the doctors figured out the baby was breach.

What the hell? WHY DIDN'T THEY KNOW THAT ALREADY??? THE BABY HAS BEEN IN THE DROPPED POSITION FOR ALMOST TWO MONTHS!!! Stupid clown hospital doctors. Stupid Insurance companies that only pay for 2 ultrasounds.

Mamma and baby boy are fine, but exhausted. I'm going to call the proud pappa tomorrow and find out when she can have visitors.

two thumbs up

KC folks - my fun purchase/souveneir? Excellent. Awesome. 11 out of 10 on the "oh my fucking god" scale. 'specially the knobby end of it.



the mania of me

I generally only shower every other day, especially in winter, because I have severe dry skin, which will crack and fall off if it dries out. Then I get stares and points and screams of "what IS that hideous creature????" and it's generally a real pain in the ass. However, I will on occasion (specfically...after sex) rinse off in the shower on my off days.

So last night...afterwards, I decided to rinse off. While in the shower, I mentally made up my shower schedule.

"real" shower on friday night, with leg shaving.

wait a minute, we're planning on cleaning up the condo all day saturday. and I will be clean myself, only to get sweaty and dirty and covered with household cleaning products, and will just have to shower again.

This will not do. So last night, my rinse off turned into a real shower, JUST so I didn't have to take one tonight, so I won't "waste" my cleanliness on a saturday cleaning day.

Am I the only one who does this? It all makes sense in my world. And I'm not quite sure why I'm sharing it with you...

I thought I had more weird anecdotes to post here, but I can't remember them. So I'll just add to this post during the day, as they come to me.

HA! thought of something already!

Remember that painful red bump on my leg? Well, Nurse Jamie told me last weekend that it looked like it could be cellulitis..tus...something. An infection under the skin. Creepy. And that if it didn't get any better, I would have to go on antibiotics.

Well, it wasn't any better this week. In fact, it was a little bigger, and a little painful all the time, not just when I poked it. (*poke* ow) So I made the appointment, and yes...my doc agreed that it was probably celluitis. (dammit Jamie, go to med school or something. you're too good for this nurse crap) So now I'm on antibiotics, and my sex life will be severely interrupted for the next few weeks. Neither Kev nor I likes the feel of condoms that much. Though we got around it OK last night...hoooray for toys! And....other things!

I don't know what the deal is, but I have been INNUDATED with Google hits lately! They have to be most of the hits I get in a day, and my unique hit count has essentially doubled since last week. Web perverts and weirdos are finding their way to my blog via such fantastic search terms as:

wet t-shirt contest pictures (MSN)


franchising underwear (Yahoo)

College Wet T-shirt Contest Pics (MSN)

(aside: msn - the search engine of choice for women-degrading contest fetishists)

arc of the covenant (Google)

frito pie pictures (Yahoo)

sex in the ocean, -server (Google)

Thanks to the miracle that is Ebay, I bought four of those Italian charms to make a bracelet for my friend who just had her baby. Total cost, plus shipping? $6.50.

I love buying gifts for my friends, but I love it even more when I get a good deal on them.

Just need to get through another 50 minutes of lab time. Then a meeting at 3...with food. Then, it's THIRD FRIDAY! Our department has a mixer every third friday. With drinks and food.

Then I can sneak out to start my weekend! Tonight I'm going to a store I can't name here because Aimee thinks they are evil and wrong. I do as well, but I can't afford to have those kind of opinions. Plus someone told me that they had good deals on fancy yarn. I want to to a fancy scarf like Aimee did in KC.

I mentioned Aimee alot in this part. I Heart Aimee!