Monday, April 25, 2005

Meanwhile, back in Egypt... 

So what have I been doing to pass the time?

Last thursday
morning: get to work, only one person there. Oh yeah...duh! PRODUCT SHOW! FREE STUFF AND FOOD! sweet! rush back to lab for...
afternoon:lab meeting, then lunch at Panera with lab alumnus in town for Passover
rush to get some kind of work done, then rush to get home for...
evening: dinner with AJ! Oh yeah, I met him. We're totally close. You jealous?

Now, did I remember to bring my camera to the momentous meeting of another blogger? You be your sweet bippy! Did I remember to USE it? Oops. no. sorry. My bad.

AJ, Kev, and I had a very nice long dinner at Raging Burrito, enjoying large tubes of meat, rice, and beans and also margaritas. It was probably the margaritas that kept us chatting WAAAAY longer than I thought we would. It's a school night, after all! And Kev was just a little bored, poor guy, as AJ and I gossipped about other bloggers and such. Don't worry, we didn't say anything about YOU! And we most CERTAINLY didn't talk about THAT!

And Mikey? Long distance hugs RIGHT BACK ATCHA!

So yeah, thursday I ate A LOT OF FOOD!

Friday....ummm...what did I do friday? Made portabella burgers. Yeah, that was the highlight.

Saturday, SHOPPING! I blogged about that already.

Sunday: church, work, then...MORE SHOPPING! but annoying shopping. walmart, target, home depot. I was sooo annoyed. I wanted some semi-decorative hooks to put in my kitched to hang some decorative items on. I found what I wanted: they're called robe hooks. about $2.50 for a pack of two. Walmart had them, plus they carried wall anchors, which I needed because the hooks would be going into dry wall. But for reasons too long to go into (OK, Kev got mad because their price matching policies SUCK! it has to be the EXACT SAME BRAND OF MILK? ARE YA KIDDING ME???)

Ummm...so anyway, we ended up at Target, which also had the robe hooks, but no wall anchors. I'd have to go to Home Depot. This was fine, we also needed some halogen light bulbs. And I decided I might as well wait and buy the robe hooks at Home Depot, too. Surely they carried them, they're just simple, painted metal hooks!


No robe hooks. They didn't really know what I was talking about. So dammit, no "this old house" projects for me on saturday. But I DID highlight my hair! Yay! Looks pretty good. Need to take an "after" picture, though.

Today I went to the Dekalb County Farmers Market, aka "ESC's heaven on earth." Sloth has her shoes, I have a huge building filled with exotic foods, fresh fruits and veggies, and international cheeses.

I spent alot more than I intended. Three bottles of wine, semolina flour, sweet onions, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, mocha java coffee beans, tilapia fillets, strawberry and cream cheese croissants, bananas, mangoes, strawberries, fresh lobster ravioli (ON SALE!), and my favorite: some pungent gourmet french bleu cheese (for the massive burgers I made tonight..HAHA! TAKE THAT, FRENCHIE! I PUT YOUR CHEESE ON A BURGER! AND IT WAS GOOOOOOD!) just to name a few things. Yeah, I bought a lot. BUT we were celebrating!

Kev got a new job! He just got the offer today: more money, shorter commute, better opportunities, and hopefully, a LOT more job satisfaction. SO YAY! WAY TO GO BABY!

I stuffed him full of bleu cheesey grilled burgers, fresh fruit, and steamed broccoli. Then HE stuffed me full of...ummmm...hehe....yeah. That was fun. Mmmmm....good times. Excellent crop usuage as well.

So I've been keeping myself pretty occupied the past few days. Thanks everyone for your support - you are all wonderful :)