Friday, April 15, 2005

Naughty Friday Fun! 

Kev and I were browsing the coupons for a good place to eat (we ended up at Chin Chin 2, a very good Chinese place), I stumbled upon coupons for a place called "aphrodite's toy box" described as "an extremely unique boutique for women, their partners, and their friends"

woohoo! and it was CLOSE! I had never heard of it. So YEAH we stopped in! Very nice lingerie and toys. Kev and I had a good time browsing. The stuff was a little pricey, but I just COULDN'T leave empty handed! I had a coupon! for 10% off!

So I bought us a little toy :)

A riding crop! For spanking naughty boys! Bwaha!Posted by Hello

a closeup of the detail. look! it's PINK!!! Posted by Hello

Kev likes it too, in spite of its pinkness. He thinks that HE'LL get to use it. Pft!!! BWAAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! Posted by Hello