Saturday, April 30, 2005

All together now! 

Happy Blogiversary toooo meeeeee

Happy Blogiversary toooo meeeeeeeee

Happy Blogiversary to meeee....

And I smell like one tooooo!


Anyway, yeah, one year ago today I announced to Kev that I wanted to start a blog, and he said "what? you made fun of blogs! you hated blogs!" and I said that I changed my mind, that it was my right as a woman to do so. Pbbbth!

So I did a google search for "blog" and came across Blogger...no comments, no search feature, no real easy customization ability whatsoever. I spent the next few weeks pouring over Kev's old html programming book from college and making little tweaks here and there....ahhh....memories.

My first blog post here.

Was hoping to cram a full day in today: go see hitchhikers guide (and probably be disappointed in it), go shopping for "business casual" clothes for Kev's new job, hit a DIFFERENT and better wal-mart for cheap stuff we weren't able to get last weekend...

unfortunately, first we decided to get Mexican food for lunch. And as a consequence, we are bloated and tired. Not sure if we'll get much accomplished today. But that's OK. It's humid and cool today, after violent thunderstorming all morning...perfect weather to just lay around and do...NOTHING!

I'm even too full to be naughty. Poop! Stupid mexican food and stupid complementary chips and salsa!