Saturday, March 19, 2005

2 rants and an observation 

Regarding day one of the ultra important sciencey conference:

Rant #1
Just because you are the chair of a particular session, does not mean that the rules don't apply to you. 15 minutes means 15 minutes. That's 10 minutes of actually giving your talk, followed by 5 minutes of answering question. What about those rules screams "drone on and on for 30 minutes" to you? And don't give my that phoney " I have a quirky sense of humor" crap. I can put smiley faces on my proteins, too. That doesn't mean I can blab on forever. You bored the crap out of us, and stole what ended up being a half hour of our lunch break because of it. Major beatdown with the two cups of coffee and can of coke that were quickly filling up my bladder, fucker!

Rant #2
When you ask me to go over my poster with you, do NOT spend the next 20 minutes grilling me about something I put in my introduction. That's an old assay system that other people used before me. The whole point of my poster is that I have developed a NEW assay system that FIXES all the the problems of the old system. I never used the old one. I don't remember what media conditions were used. As I pointed out to you NUMEROUS times, all the information on the old system has been published, and if you're that curious, go read the fucking paper. Also, you know my advisor. You know the work we do: DNA repair. Please don't ask me if we tested for transcription factor binding. Are we a transcription factor lab? NO. If you're so interested, YOU test it. You wasted 20 minutes of my time with pointless questions that had nothing to do my poster, INCLUDING challenging my definition of gene conversion (HELLO asshole, WHO'S THE REPAIR PERSON in this conversation? ME!) All while other people were standing around waiting for me to finish with you so I could explain my project to them. You are obviously a pompous bastard who enjoys the sound of his own voice, especially since YOUR talk went over time as well. Beatdown with an open box of push pins...with all the pointy ends facing UP!

Initial oberservation that is just for the ladies
I picked up a box of the Insteads I mentioned the other day. I can't give a final review yet, but I can point out that unless your partner is tiny, or you have a very long vagina, I can't imagine having sex with one of these things in.

That is all.

PS: wtf happened to blogpatrol? even the site is gone!