Thursday, January 13, 2005

Arc of the covenant 

Yesterday, I scanned my blot from my last 2D gel. It had only been in the cassette for a little over 3 days, but I wanted to make sure that I had done enough washes to remove background, and if there was even something there worth mentioning.

This is what I got

Yeah yeah, the left side didn't work at all. But CHECK OUT THE ARCS ON THE RIGHT! Now, God willing, letting it sit in the cassette for a full week will allow a fainter arc to develop underneath and to the....left of the arc on the right side.

BUT! It's the best 2D gel results I've ever gotten. So there you go. Using a BUTTLOAD OF BLAZING HOT HIGH SPECIFIC ACTIVITY probe actually gives results.

And yes, "buttload" is a scientific term.

I am still somewhat in denial that the day after tomorrow I'm getting on a plane and flying halfway across the country to meet a bunch of bloggers.

I should really think about packing.

I just got spam from someone with the email address minnagartman@blahdeblah.com with the subject line "wild date."



Someone recently found my site Googling "sloth tossing."

double awesome.

Took the laptop back to CompUSA this morning, so they could get it sent off to Compaq. I should be getting it back in a week and a half to two weeks.


I have a weird red bump on the side of my left calf. It looks like a weird insect bite of some kind, but there's no actual bite mark. But it's really sore when I touch it.

I should really stop touching it. But oddly...I can't. I keep thinking if I touch it enough, I will discover its mysteries.


While I had my laptop for the night, I managed to get my ipod set up, and a few CD's copied onto it, along with whatever I already had in iTunes. I will be rocking out to Indigo girls and Fastball in KC this weekend. WOOHOOO!

I love it. It's girly pink and cool and very un-me. I am neither girly pink nor cool. The irony amuses me.

This may or may not be my last post until next week. I might sneak in a few audio posts while I'm there, to give everyone who's NOT in KC (losers. what?) the low down on everyone who is. Also I plan on taking many pictures. Expect a big photoblog entry in a few days.

later, yo!