Monday, November 15, 2004

I promise this is the last baby related post for a while... 

But if I have to deal with all this baby nonsense, SO DO YOU! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA!

Well yesterday I attended the first baby shower I've been to in a very loooong time. I think the last one I went to was in high school, for our youth pastor's wife.

So there we all sat, in the same apartment, with the same people, eating the same onion dip as we did just a few months ago. Only then Elizabeth was opening up gifts of vegetable steamers (mine) and silverwhere, and all of us sat around going "oooooo"

Sunday we sat and watched her open up gifts of baby washcloths with duckies on them (aww), small matching baby bootie and hat sets (awwwwww) and box after box of baby clothing fashion (AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!) - tip: vehicle and ducky prints are VERY big this year. All while drinking the requiste mimosas. Then we played the "guess the baby food flavor" game. I got 4 out of 10. We all realized that all baby food looks like either peas or carrots.

Her psycho mom was there, too. You may remember her from the wedding stories I posted earlier. She was the one who told Elizabeth that her wedding was "my day, NOT YOURS!" I hope her and Michael grow a pair between them and stand up to her mom once the baby comes. Her mom already has a full nursery set up at their house. She may just steal the baby. Yeah...she's that nuts.

So with all the talk of babies and fertility and quads and....GAH! I'm switching gears to talk about how NOT to have babies.

I'm switching to a new birth control, in the hopes that it will solve the irritating problem I've been having lately. The NP thought it might be caused by the low estrogen dose, and that stepping up to a higher dose may stop the problem. That's all well and good, but the last time I tried to switch to a new brand (ortho-tricyclin LOW), I was a bit crazed for the month. Ask Kevin. Much crying and moodiness. But hopefully there will be a minimum of mood effecting side effects. So if seem bitchy over the next month...well, probably you won't notice anything different. bwaha!

And I'm also hoping the slight bump up of hormone will take care of the zit colony on my chin, which has not only spread, but has crowned king and queen zits, who rule side by side just under the left side of my lower lip, and hurt like a sonofabitch. And I think they've developed an immunity to the clean and clear acne patch I stick on them every night. Actually, I think that patch makes them stronger! Evil zits. Maybe I'll try that toothpaste idea someone posted on sloth's site...