Monday, June 28, 2004

I am funny and popular! 

All time record for people visiting my blog today - 21 and counting! Woohoo!

Cheers me up, anyway. Not that it's important to me, because this blog is just an outlet for my rage and bs, right? (yeah, right)

But it's still nice. Love you guys!

Boring day, mostly spent on browsing blogs, and trolling ebay for a new cell phone. Yes, let the healing begin.

Work day ending with me realizing that I will have to do yet another CsCl gradient. Ick. But now that I'm an "expert," should go relatively smoothly. I realize I have just jinxed myself, but I don't care. God willing, the blot I finished friday will look great, and once I get more DNA from my other strain, I should be able to pound out another blot, and finally get an answer. Hopefully, it will be the one I want, or the whole lab will riot on me. Just about everyone is using these strains in their projects, as well as some people in other labs, all with the belief that replication is coming through LYS2 in one defined direction in one strain, and in the opposite direction in the other strain. If the results don't show this, a lot of people will hate me.

I want to go home, eat leftover risotto, wallow in self pity, and snuggle with K.