Saturday, March 18, 2006

things I've learned so far this weekend 

1. never buy the pre-made roasted veggie and hummus wraps in the cafeteria EVER AGAIN. EVER.

2. Neither Kev nor I enjoy corned beef, really. We never have to make it again.

3. my 3 favorite words right now: Mmmmmint Mmmmmmocha FRAPACCINO!

4. my 3 LEAST favorite words right now: Limited Time Only

5. Target shoes are cute and cheap, and I LOVE THEM!!!

6. Posting a picture of my nekkid legs on my blog must freak some people out. Next time, maybe my arms? ok, that's just me being paranoid.

7. cooking light is the best food magazine EVER and you should all go out and buy the issue with the mac and cheese on the cover and then make the greek bulgar salad and also the red lentil soup. fucking fantastic.

8. my dog has a red eye with a swollen, slightly enflamed corner of her eye. I am keeping it clean with saline solution and giving her benedryl in the hopes that it's allergies. not really something I've LEARNED, but I wanted to get that in here at some point, and this list format seemed to be a good way to do it. also, she's mad at me because I gave her a bath and clipped her toenails, and now all her bedding is in the wash so she doesn't know where to sit, so she just keeps wandering around the living room giving me longing sad looks with her red eye. I don't feel guilty, though, because she's so cute and fluffy after her bath. OK, I'm rambling.

9. knitting cotton washcloths is quick and satisfying. and useful!