Thursday, March 16, 2006

A sciencey post of experimental goodness. 

after a several month hiatus on 2D gels, my advisor demanded I decided of my own free will to pick them back up again and give it another shot.

Savvy old school readers of my blog may remember my past rants about 2D gels, which I am too lazy to go back and find and link here.

Anywho, we decided to change a couple of things - for you sciencey inclined, the problematic step has been the in gel digest. I switched to a different agarose, and decided to try both the previous enzyme, and pick another enzyme that cuts close to the first, just to see if the ezyme itself is the problem. I ran two gels, one cut with the old, and one cut with the new.

Well...it worked. Like gangbusters. It worked TOO well. USUALLY the in gel digest isn't 100% efficient, and you can see both the cut and uncut peaks, making for a nice comparison.

The left side using the old enzyme didn't work at all - all I can see is uncut. The right side using the new enzyme? 100% cut. Which is nice...but we'd kind of like to see both arcs, not just the cut. as it's the comparison between the two that's telling.

BUT...after months...no...YEARS of doing these stupid experiments, they're finally working.



regan24 - 2260 EcoRV - worked