Tuesday, March 21, 2006

a scene 

scene opens. it is almost 1am.

ESC, post-shower, hair still wet, and in her nightshirt. She calls to Sadie, who is eagerly awaiting her pre-bed pee time.

Sadie sits by the front door. ESC opens the door to check on the weather before leashing Sadie. It is storming, but the rain falling gently now, thunder off in the distance.

There, in front of the door, sits a cat. Mostly white, with dark markings around it's ears.

The cat looks at ESC.

ESC looks at the cat.

The cat looks at Sadie.

Sadie looks at the cat.

a second goes by, the three are frozen.



The cat streaks back around the corner, Sadie close on its heels. ESC whisper-shrieks again "SADIE!!!!"

But Sadie is down the hallway, around the corner, out of site.

"shit shit shit shit shit shit"

ESC emerges from the hallway, facing the parking lot. No sign of the cat, or Sadie.

"shit shit shit"

but then, off to the side in her usual night time pee place, is Sadie, crouching and relieving herself like normal. She finishes, and then trots back towards ESC like nothing happened.

ESC looks at Sadie as she passes by.

Sadie gives ESC a look as if to say "whaaaat? that? that was nothing!"

ESC wonders if her heart will recover from almost leaping out of her chest a few seconds earlier, follows Sadie inside, and gives her a biscuit.

Then TOTALLY blogs the whole thing.