Friday, March 17, 2006

a picture share for st. patrick's day 

To ease everyone back from the previous scary science post, some pictures to share!

Kev got a new toy when he visited his mom a couple of weeks ago - an iced tea maker! Now we don't have to constantly forget about the big pan of water boiling away on the stove. He looooooves it. He makes a fresh pot just about every night.

Kev's new toy

Uhhh...ignore the dirty dishes in the sink.

Earlier today, in an email conversation with Julie, she mentioned that someone at her work brought in Irish Soda Bread to share. Minutes later, this post appeared on Slashfood.

It was fate. I had to try it.

Irish Soda Bread

They're still cooling, so I haven't tried it yet. One is for us, one will go into the lab on Friday for a St. Paddy's day treat!

and finally...

So many of you were SO NICE on my previous post where I was down about my lack of consistant weight loss. This is why I blog. I have the best blog friends! So I thought I'd share my working out success with you. The one part of my body that has shown GREAT results by regular excercise and resistance training. I know I'm a little late for HNT, but I hope you'll all forgive me ;)


They're a little pale. And you can CLEARLY see my red penguin nightshirt. How embarassing. But I've lost a total of 13 inches off my thighs. And that is FUCKING FANTASTIC! DAMN SKIPPY I'm showing them off!

So there ya go. A little bit of fun for friday. Now go drink green beer till ya puke :)


the bread is tasty. I'm sure that's been eating at you while you've been reading this post. Rest assured. Tasty bread.