Wednesday, March 01, 2006

non-breeder self-righteousness 

a note to parents

If you have a hyperactive, noisey child who refuses to behave, and starts to make a fuss during a very somber Ash Wednesday church service, there is a distinct possibility that you will HAVE TO LEAVE! Early! Because that kid, is NEVER GOING TO SHUT UP. and taking him out into the lobby and letting him run around and scream WAAAARRRRHHHHHH!!! WAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGG!!!! HAHAHAHAHAWEEEEEEERRHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGG!!! Does NOT help, as the doors are NOT soundproof, and we can STILL HEAR HIM.

And it would maybe help my burning rage if you made at least the SLIGHTEST effort to discipline him. I know he's what, 5? But that's plenty old enough to begin teaching PROPER CHURCH BEHAVIOR. Please, give me a "shush," or SOMETHING.

at the VERY least, bring some fucking coloring books. You can't expect a little kid to be quiet through a whole church service without some external stimulation.

OR.....JUST GO HOME! Sometimes, being a parent means sacrifice. You may just have to STAY THE FUCK HOME. Fair? No. Tough shit. Your kid was so loud, I could barely hear anything going on. and it's only cute once or twice. But he never shut up THE WHOLE SERVICE. It was CONSTANT BABBLE AND SCREAMING. Inexcusable.

And that goes for the parents of ALL the kids that were there tonight. I noticed that none of the kids from MY church were acting that way. So you baptists, methodists, and lutherans...SHAPE UP!

Good christian attitude, huh? ;)

fun work conversations

S: So I'm getting my new car!

ESC: Oh really! Who won the battle of the colors?

S: I did - I'm getting my red car!

ESC: ahhh...did you convince him with your feminine whiles? Give him the big sad puppy eyes?

S: ummmm....noooo...I used....*another* way.....


S: if HE wants to have fun ever again...I get to have MY fun, too.

I work with AWESOME people.

one is the loneliest number

Kev is extending his visit until Friday. Seems he wasn't feeling well all day, and therefore didn't get to do all the fun redneck things he usually gets to do while in alabama. basically, 4-wheeling.


The visit was successful, though. He found a new car for his mom, WITH leather seats. HEATED leather seats.

This is the longest we've been apart since...the christmas before last. It's VERY DIFFICULT. I am CRAWLING THE WALLS.

It's funny, there are some weeks where the sex just doesn't happen. No REAL reason, we're just tired, or our schedules aren't synched, or...hey, is that an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force I haven't seen yet?

Give us a break, it's three years this month. It HAPPENS. It's not crazy monkey sex EVERY NIGHT. Hate to destroy that illusion you all have.

(OK, sometimes we have sex DURING aqua teen hunger force. YES, WE ARE JUST THAT KINKY!)

But NOW...when we CAN'T....ohhhh...CHRIST this is difficult.

Though the phone sex is nice.