Friday, March 10, 2006

hey...a post about....uhhh... 

got nothing.

I realized I missed HNT, which is fine, not like I'm a regular participant, or anything. I was going to post a picture of my tongue, because I have one of those freak, angry white tastebuds on the tip of my tongue driving me crazy right now.

Then I wondered if that was a little TOO much. Have I really stooped so low? Who cares about my tongue?

I could come up with a really steamy sex post, but...yeah. got nothing there, either.

Nothing finished in my knitting world.

Booked a photographer for my wedding, and gave final approval on an invitation design...

Kev's taking my car in to get an estimate on the damage today...

Seriously. I got nothing. Check back later. Maybe something exciting will happen.

****car update***

$500 for the car. yeowtch. She's going to pay it herself, though.