Tuesday, March 07, 2006

fuck you, girl scouts 

You and your delicious, delicious cookies.

and your fucking FALSE ADVERTISING!

On a box of your new cookie "cafe cookies," there is a lovely picture of a group of young girls, gathered around a woman in a leather coat, looking at what I can only presume is a flight map, and there is a small plane in the background.

The implications are obvious. Join the girl scouts! Go flying! Adventures! Personal growth!

Fuck you.

I was in the girl scouts. We learned how to make baby food and cross stitch christmas ornaments.



mmmmm....cookies....*munch munch munch*

helpful hints for the women of south dakota

If creepy uncle bob rapes you, this may be your only recourse (via BoingBoing).

I'm sure martha stewart will come out with her own method, using natural antibacterial agents. And a lovely flower arrangement at the end.

It's a good thing.

Just...not for YOU.

it's not all ranting and hate here...


Over the weekend, I spent more money on my dog than I've spent on clothes for myeslf so far this year. Included in the spendapalooza are two new matching bowls. her old food bowl was one I had made for her in one of those "paint your own pottery" places, and while she never seemed to mind, the constant reminder that after years and years of expensive and very fullfilling art classes at the carnegie museum...my artistic skillz fall depressingly short on pottery.

And over the years, the bowl had become chipped. and gross. So a new one was in order...but then it wouldn't match the WATER bowl (which was a christmas water bowl my parent bought her years ago).


Notice sadie's eyes are closed. She HATES the flash of getting her pic taken. STOP TAKING PICTURES OF ME, WOMAN!

at least it saves me the hassle of photoshopping out her demon glowing eyes.