Monday, March 06, 2006

everyone ELSE is doin' it... 


how long does it take for a skunk to conceive babies (Yahoo) - to CONCEIVE babies? Like...how long do they have to fuck before it happens??? Good lord, I have NO idea. The intricacies of skunk sex is something I haven't dedicated much brain power to. Assuming that things start to smell pretty bad after awhile, though, I would say...very very quickly.

pbr bull riding and knitting (Yahoo) - wow. that is TALENT! Drinking beer, riding a bull, and KNITTING! AT THE SAME TIME! not here. sorry. lots of more talented knitters than me out there in blogland, so PLEASE let me know if you find this person!

whole night anal sex (Yahoo) - ouch.

worlds biggest dumbass' (Google) - sorry, you wanted this site.

how to fuck a really hot chick (MSN) - if you have to do an MSN search...chances are you will NEVER have to worry about this. ever. go back to your battlestar galactica discussion forum and then for the love of god, move out of your parents' basement.

Pwoject Wunway (Google) - you are looking for Sloth

Dear Google, please show me an orange girl with big boobs so I can stop repressing (Google) - OK, whoever you are, PLEASE stop searching for this. seriously. I've had, like, 20 of these hits over the past year or so. I don't even know how you keep finding my site, as I am not listed in the search result. Of course, I will be now. Anyone who has to start a search query with "dear google" probably shouldn't be let near a computer anyway, but orange girl? stop repressing? GO AWAY YOU SICK FUCK!