Monday, March 20, 2006


Why didn't I bring a book? Or my knitting? Or SOMETHING to show my absolute disdain for the waste of time that will occur in just a little while.

What is it? Lab safety training. REQUIRED lab safety training. For everyone, regardless of how long you've worked in a lab. Something the department dreamt up this year, brand spanking new, just for us. This is my 7th year here...and I am going to have to sit through an hour of some boring-ass yahoo telling me that sandals are not appropriate lab wear.



I plan on putting my head on my arms and sleeping through it. Bastards.


I was wrong. it was and HOUR AND A HALF of some boring yahoo. jeebus christos...WAY too long. My favorite part was how she asked if anyone used blood or pathogens in their lab, and NONE OF US DO, so she said she'd go through those sections quickly so we could...get this...GET OUT EARLY! HAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!

and the she proceeded to go over EVERY SLIDE IN EXCRUCIATING DETAIL.

that's an hour and a half of my life that I will NEVER get back.