Thursday, February 16, 2006

thursday fit as a fiddle! 

I'm most of the way through the "phase I" week of my diet, and I'm happy to report I'm down 3 pounds!


Shut up and let me enjoy it, OK? Plus I got to have steak and shrimp for dinner, and I'm just enjoying the fact that I can eat STEAK and SHRIMP on a 12oo calories a day diet.

Speaking of steak....

There is a mall across the street from me. It is a ghetto mall - where punk ass kids in baggy clothes and expensive cell phones hang out and bother people. I don't go there.

Anyway, in the corner of the parking lot, near the road, there is a white tent set up. On the side of this tent is a big banner, with BIG red and black lettering proclaiming "20 RIBEYE $20," and underneath is what I presume to be pictures of said ribeye, along with a smaller "seafood!" proclamation.

I see people going in and out of this tent. Buying meat. MEAT! CHEAP MEAT! FROM A TENT! IN A GHETTO MALL PARKING LOT!!!

Am I the only one disturbed by this? Parking lot meat!


annnd one last thing. Julie made me socks! Remember on her blog, all the complaining about teeny tiny needles? Trying to induce guilt in me. HA! It was ALL WORTH IT!

Check out the AWESOME SOCKS!!!

jaywalker socks 2

Yeah, you are jealous.

But I'm SURE if you asked nicely, Julie would make you a pair! She loved making these SO MUCH, she can't WAIT to make them again. Especially if you have big feet, like me.