Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday night picture show 

suddenly, VH1 takes over this blog

You know who is REALLY having the Best Week Ever? Best TWO weeks ever, really. Andrea Bocelli. Seriously, I've seen more of this man in the past two weeks than I have for the past 6 years.

And what the hell...Avril Lavigne in the closing ceremonies? Seriously, Italy...you can do better.

the pampering continues

Today I got my hair cut! Now for gratuitous self-portraits!

front view
the front, all grunged out and hanging over my eye. I have one with it tucked behind my ear (a must for any new haircut - MUST GET HAIR OUT OF FACE!) but my eyes were all psycho looking and scary, and OK if you REALLY want to see it, go here.

back view
the back, all super short and layered

My hairstylist said my hair was "fun to cut." Apparently, nobody likes fun hair cuts anymore - all one length bobs and shit. Not me! If I'm going to shell out $30, make me look FUN!

Note that I'm still doing the reddish color. I should take a poll: keep it this color, or go back to blonde for the summer?

kaufen Sie Ihre Schokolade anderwohin!

I did a couple of favors for our Lab Goddess, driving her and her husband and son to and from the airport this week while they visted family in Germany. My thank you was some german chocolate. Mmmmm...tasty!

german chocolate

The bag on the right are rum truffles. And OH MY GOD, ARE THEY STRONG. Of course, that hasn't stopped me from eating a couple. The chocolate car is apparently a popular car in Germany. the box says "Heilemann Confiserie." Anyway, I'll bet it's pretty tasty.

Lab Goddess said she REALLY wanted to buy the chocolate for me from some really gourmet bakery and chocolate store, but was in danger of being thrown OUT for even DARING to ask if they had any chocolates that didn't contain nuts. (If you will remember, I have a severe nut allergy. A french chocolate put me in the emergency room once. STUPID FRENCH!). They were really rude about it, and informed her that she would have to wait until MONDAY when the person who made the chocolates came in. So screw that. She got me chocolates with readily available ingredient information somewhere else.

What I have learned, then, is:

1. Nut allerigies are very rare in Europe

2. Germans take their chocolate VERY SERIOUSLY. I would make a soup nazi/chocolate nazi comparison joke here, except that I also know that Germany takes Nazi jokes VERY UNFAVORABLY. See, cause they HAD them over there, and it didn't work out so well.

But the chocolates are nut free, and tasty. I will save the car for when Kev gets back (thursday), but those rum truffles are FAIR GAME!