Friday, February 24, 2006

shaking down my readers for information 

First off...maybe my readers can settle an argument...well...not an ARGUMENT. That's too strong a word. Maybe solve the incessant picking-on that goes on between Kev and me.



We argue...I mean pick on...each other ALL THE TIME about which way is correct. I ask YOU, the VOTING PUBLIC to help us out.

OK, now the shakedown for information. My car insurance is up in March, so I thought I shop around...AGAIN...for a better deal.

AllState is giving me a quote that is almost $200 less than what I'm paying now. What I'm paying NOW is $200 less than what I was paying with Progressive. So AllState is almost FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS less than AllState.

I am intrigued...

Yet concerned...

While I'd like to trust the friendly black guy/former president on "24"/deep soothing voiced announcer person they have for their commercials, I am suspicious of their low low rates.

They also quoted me a pretty low rate for insuring the contents of my condo and my ring, which if I buy from them, will give me even MORE of a discount on my car insurance.

And please don't ask me to check out Geico or 1-800 Safe Auto - RIP...OFF...ARTISTS! Jeebus christos, just becaues you FLOOD THE TV AIRWAVES with commercials saying your prices are low, does NOT MEAN YOU ARE!

They aren't. Don't fall for it.

So...does anyone actually HAVE car insurance through AllState? Is it any good? Any complaints? Anything suspicous? I need to know before I make my final decision.