Saturday, February 18, 2006

saturday morning laziness 

Conversations at our house

Kev and ESC smooch

Kev: your breath smells like...basil?

ESC: should be mint.

Kev: more like basil.

ESC: it's that mouthwash. it should be minty.

Kev: well, then it's mint with something else.

ESC: ummmm...bacon?

Kev: that's probably it.

And before you yell at me for going off the diet...

turkey bacon!

Please ignore dirty stovetop background. They didn't even TRY to make this look like real bacon. SCALLOPED EDGES?

Surprisingly good, though. Very good real bacon flavor.


Last night I DID go off diet slightly, though. I was VERY good all day. I resisted pizza temptation. I resisted the 3rd friday departmental beer and snack fest. I was strong!

then I started craving mexican food. mmmm...mexican.

But I was good - I only had a few nachos at the table, and then my combo meal was all chicken and beans. Some carbs with the flour tortilla and the taco shell, but I didn't order rice. So go me! And I didn't leave all overstuffed silly like I normally do after mexican food. So DOUBLE go me!

cool clicky of the day:

get seeds that have messages already etched on leaves when they grow! I WANT ONE!!!

NSFW clicky of the day:

The Ketchup Effect - warning, don't be drinking or eating anything, because you'll ruin your computer screen when you spray all over it. it's THAT FUNNY!