Thursday, February 16, 2006

new camera 

Thanks for your prayers, folks.

Now for an abrupt change of subject...

my new camera came today!

It is INFINATELY better - better zoom and pixelage, boots up faster...AND, my BIGGEST pet peeve with my old camera (also a cybershot), VERY QUICK recovery time after taking a picture, so you can take quick pics in succession. Also has a "steady cam" feature.

So are the pictures any better? Well, I JUST got it, so I haven't had much of an opportunity to take many pictures.

But here is a picture taken with the OLD camera:

old camera

and here's one taken with the NEW camera:

new camera


The flash is a little better, and the camera angle is wider - these were both taken from the same distance away.

So I look forward to exploring the world with my new SPIFFY camera!

And...my first ever submission to HNT! Taken yesterday (with my old camera), a very small peek at my special Valentine's outfit...


...with my robe on. Damn, it was cold last night.