Saturday, February 25, 2006


More conversations...

ESC: did you see my post about the oral hygeine order?

Kev: yeah.

ESC: Most people seem to floss AFTER brushing. then some weirdos brush again, but HA! I am RIGHT!

Kev: I'm still going to do it my way. Plus, maybe all those people who commented are wrong.

ESC: no. no...just you.

watching the news about Cheryl Crow

: ohh, that's sad. She's had a rough couple of months

Kev: how come?

ESC: She just broke up with Lance Armstrong.

Kev: oh yeah.

ESC: oh! maybe this will get them back together! He has one ball, and she'll have one boob! It'll be perfect!

Kev: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! You are so fucking MORBID!

very very quiet

I have become the "Lonely Science Chick" as Kev has gone to visit his family for a few days. We were supposed to go together for the weekend, but the memorial service for our choir director's partner was this morning, and I had a dematology clinic appointment that I had forgotten about (they only do them twice a month at the student clinic, so if you have to reschedule, expect a two to three month wait).

Kev decided to go anyway - it's his mom's birthday - and then stay a few extra days. She needs a new car, so he's going to find one for her - hopefully a gently used Highlander with *LEATHER SEATS.* He's found PLENTY of gently used highlanders she could have had by now, but she's insisting on the leather seat. I find this hysterical, since what she's driving around NOW is some ancient toyota that's falling apart with fabric seats and a lovely gray peeling exterior.

out of guilt for not going, I knitted her a quickie funky wrap, which she will either LOVE or absolutely hate, but never tell me.

anyway...I am on my own. and instead of using my first day of psuedo-singleness to go out on the town, have a girls night, or even clean up around the condo...

I spent most of the afternoon napping. In my PJ's. Now I'm watching the olympics*, still on the couch, and munching on a low fat, no sugar added Klondike bar.


Half Nekkid...too late for thursday

I did have my spoiled moment Friday, as for the VERY FIRST TIME, I got a manicure and pedicure. This was my valentine's gift from Kev. I was a total dork at first, staring blankly at them when I was asked "did you pick your colors yet?" umm...was I supposed to do that?

My nails were done by a very young, very effeminate, asian guy, with a very distracting zit on his chin. Seemed to be a family business - his mom and two sisters were also working there. I think the certificate on his bench said that his last name was "Van Cham," so they were probably all from the lesser known Dutch section of Vietnam (or where ever).

Everyone was very nice and tolerant of my tard-ness. And of course, the experience was WONDERFUL and how long before I can do it AGAIN??? ahhhh....leg and foot massage....

The most impressive part was that he was able to find and paint my tiny, mutant toenails.


I opted for a light light natural looking pink on my fingernails - maybe I'll go funky some other time, but I didn't want to have hot pink nails at the memorial service today.


Maybe for my wedding, I'll get acrylic tips put on, and then I'll SCRATCH YOUR EYES OUT!

*Goddammit Bode, you are the biggest tard of all. SUCK IT!