Friday, February 03, 2006

Conversations with Mom 

My mother is here and everything's been going well. We managed to get the place looking SPARKLIN' CLEEEN before she got here, and amazingly enough...keeping UP with the cleaning. The dishes! Get done! Soon after dinner! And not! Three days later!

We're not PERFECT, though.

Conversation this morning

Mom: is this still GOOD after being out all night?

she's holding a jar of Kev's super hot sauce - it's some asian chili garlic paste with a rooster on the jar. i don't TOUCH the stuff...and neither would any bacteria.

Me: uhhh..yeah, that's fine. It's HOT sauce...nothing should be growing in there. I'll put it in the fridge, though.

mom looks doubtful and suspicious

3 minutes later...

Mom - holding up my large soup pot, which she had just washed - THIS still had PASTA WATER in it!

Me - oh. oops.

Mom - giving a final wipe to an already clean counter - There! Now I don't feel like I'm...surrounded by SALMONELLA!

Me - ...it was a jar of hot sauce and some pasta water...WHAT salmonella?????

Mom - it's just...DIRTY!

Me - it's not like we left RAW MEAT OUT ALL NIGHT!

Yeah, that's my mom.

We're going dress shopping today. Pray for me.