Thursday, January 19, 2006

oh sweet sweet heaven 

Have you ever eaten anything SO GOOD, that when you finished it, you were sad, because it was all gone? And part of you wanted to throw it up, JUST so you could eat it ALL OVER AGAIN???

I just did. I mean, I didn't throw up anything. But I had a meal THAT GOOD.

We ate at a potential reception place today. It's a french/german restaurant that's not so close to the church as I'd like.


The food...was...soooo....damn...good.

I had beef wellington. an INDIVIDUAL beef wellington. It was ADORABLE! Wrapped in its own little puff pastry! And the tenderloin inside was like...buttah.

Kev had veal marsala. Also very tasty. And our waiter was a hoot. I think he might have been italian or spanish.

"You take your time...you read the menu, yes? you ask me ANYTHING! You ask the waiter! Anything! Ask me what is good, I TELL you what is good! But you take your time, right? But if you need me, you just call over 'Oscar!' and I come! OK? You look at menu. Ask me ANYTHING."

and on like that. When I asked about the beef wellington, I thought he was going to orgasm RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF US!

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHH..the BEEF WELLINGTON! Everything! the beef wellington! I would not trade the beef wellington for ANYTHING! Yes! The beef wellington!"

So you see I had to get it.

So yeah, we have a front runner in the search for a reception locale. Just thought I'd keep THIS group updated, as I seem to be spending a lot of time over at the wedding blog. Sorry about that. But really, not a whole lot has been going on that is NOT wedding related in my life. I'm hoping once the really big decisions are out of the way, I can return to normal life.

And that will be in....November. After the wedding. That sounds about right.