Thursday, January 12, 2006

Not sure how it happened... 

I can't believe it. I was always so...uncaring about the whole thing. Yeah, whatever. I want a simple affair. really, I just want a small party. Hang out with friends. Casual. Relaxed. No stressful planning.

but I have become...

Psycho wedding planner.

Seriously, it's all I can think about. I can't eat at a restaurant without thinking "I wonder if this would do for a rehearsal dinner?" I can't hear a band without thinking "Wonder if they do weddings?" I can't even TALK to anyone without mentioning the wedding at LEAST once.

I do not want to be this person.

I do not want to be Psycho Bride. Bridezilla. Bride of Frankenstein (hehehehe...that makes Kev frankenstein. what would that look like?)

Once I get the reception place worked out, things will calm down. For two weeks. Then my mother comes to visit, and we have to fit a ton of crap into a week: dress shopping, invitation design (we're making our own), maybe some rehearsal dinner investigation.

I did meet with one potential reception place today. I'm not going into all the details here, but let me just say: wow. weddings are expensive.

OK, I'm not going to bring up the wedding again.

Tonight I went out with some girls from the lab. We ate a very nice dinner at Eurasia. Mmmm...lamb chops, japanese veggies, and rice. Then to a little coffee shop called Java Monkey for some live music. The quartet that performed KICKED ASS. Beautiful harmonies. Gospel, a little doo wap. A little folk. Awesome.

Wonder if they do weddings?


Anyway, I put myself on their mailing list. I'd LOVE to hear them again.

Also, apparently there is free live music every week at Java Monkey. Why was I too lazy to know this??? I'm definately going back. And dragging Kev with me.

And they're too small for the reception.