Sunday, January 01, 2006


We're back!

I haven't posted because...well...we've spent a lot of time in bed since we got back. Occasionally, we even slept. BWAHA! Also spent a good portion of today food shopping, as the pantry was BARE! Also, the fridge.

The drive back was long and uneventful. The most entertaining bit being the evangelical wendy's where we had lunch:

evangelical wendy's
what do you want, a medal?

It wasn't our first choice to eat, but every place we tried before this was CRAMMED FULL OF PUNK ASS ANNOYING WVU STUDENTS. BUSLOADS OF THEM!!!

Dammit. They caused traffic jams, too. I swear to god, we were stuck for a half hour in creeping traffic just outside of atlanta. The cause? An accident? Road construction? Bridge collapse?


As near as we can figure, everyone was slowing down to stare at the rush hour traffic building up in the northbound direction. yes, staring at traffic was causing traffic. as soon as we passed that little section where you could clearly see the build up on the other side...our side opened up.




(for those not aware, WVU is playing Georgia in the sugar bowl, which is being held in atlanta this year)


So yeah, it was a little stressful.

Today we went food shopping. And then out for a FABULOUS fancy dinner at Zuma. We'd never been there before, and it was a BITCH finding it. But SO WORTH IT! So much sushi! The best sushi we'd ever had. And we chatted a bit with the couple next to us, who's food ordering put ours to shame. We ordered a variety of specialty maki rolls and some fried japanese dumplings. The couple next to us was much more exotic - fried octopus balls (yeah, say THAT without giggling. it was a source of amusement for the 4 of us), some kind of hawaiian tuna paste, and so many other good things. MUST go back and try them again. Also, they didn't charge us for the glass of wine I had! It might have been a mistake...but it might have just been a nice new year's eve gesture! Who cares!

Then of course, back home, to watch a slurry Dick Clark ring in the new year. And toast to a happy year together.

happy new year!

Later I'll post more about christmas. For now, I'll leave you with a kiss for new year's eve:

new year's kiss!


ESC's "screw you, martha" homemaking tips:

leftover champagne, properly stored and carbonation intact via a "wine pump" thingy, makes excellent mimosas the next morning.

it's a FABULOUS thing.