Sunday, January 22, 2006

digging for information and a poll 

So one of the (few) tasks given to Kevin during the whole "weddin' plannin' thing" is the honeymoon.

Anyone who's met Kev knows that the man likes a bargain. No...strike that...IS WHOLELY OBSESSED with finding a bargain. He wants to get a good deal on this honeymoon.

I want to have fun and relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax. Preferably on a beach. With maybe some deep sea fishin' thrown in for fun (on a boat serving wine, of course).

We've looked a little into the Sandals resorts. We both likey the "all inclusiveness" of it - drinky drinks, food, and some activities included in the total price. But we do have some concerns. Will we be bored out of our skulls after one day? And Sandals does seem kind of cliche for a honeymoon...maybe we should try someplace unexpected and weird! Like Thailand!

So I decided to throw it out to blogland friends and complete strangers. Because that's what the internets is for! That...and porn!

mmmm...delicious porn.

So! My questions for my dear readers (and that includes YOU LURKERS, TOO!) are...

1. if you ever been to a Sandals resort, how was it? Can you spend a week there without getting totally bored and attempting escape?

2. what are some places bloglanders have been on their honeymoons/romantic getaways, and would you recommend these locations?

3. OK, you've never been to Sandals, had a honeymoon, or been anywhere romatic (I am sooo sorry)...if you had your fantasy, where would YOU go?

Englighten me, blogland! Remember, the better the honeymoon, the BETTER the pictures will be when I post them. I'm only thinking of YOU, THE READER! So if you wanna see pictures of a drunk ESC, half nekkid and lying out on the beach with 3 midgets and a zebra...TELL ME WHERE WE CAN DO THAT!