Saturday, January 07, 2006

conversations at our house 

Me: God, everyone at curves this morning was all "IT'S SO COLD! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT GOT SO COLD!" and I just want to yell at these people "IT'S JANUARY! DUH!" Morons.

Kev: They're just making conversation. You knoooowww...we could move to Miami where it's warm. We could be lounging on the beach right now...

Me: Uh huh. getting eaten by ALLIGATORS!

Kev: pfft. You just know where the alligators are and avoid those places!* When I was growing up, I went water skiing, went swimming all over, I never had a problem.

Me: yeah. The problem is, alligators MOVE. They MOVE to the next lake over. A lake that's gator free WON'T be gator free forever!

Kev: oh, stop.

Me: And how people realize that there's now an alligator in their lake is ALL THEIR DOGS GET EATEN!

Kev: hehehehehe...


Kev: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!! That's so not funny, that it's FUNNY! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!

*because alligators post notices when they move in.
**if you get this reference, congratulations. you are as big a geek as we are.