Wednesday, January 04, 2006

captain hornypants 

(good band name)

announcement: the "sleep in separate beds" rule has been lifted at ESC's childhood home. My mother made it sound like this WHOLE TIME we could have been sleeping together, just not the first time he came up with me. And as long as I felt comfortable with it, they were OK with it.

uh huh.

Of coure, we couldn't both sleep in the twin bed in my old room, so we did the full sized bed in the "guest" room (formerly my brother's room). Which was still cramped, and had an uncomfortable mattress.

So pretty much no lovin', except for one night on the living room floor after my parents had gone to bed.

So what happens after a week of repression and exhaustion from sleeping together in an uncomfortable bed and the endless parade of family and friend based activities that are thrust upon us over the holidays???

I'm still exhausted. But in a good way. Good lord, we need to visit my family more often, if THIS is the result.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannd...any desire I had tonight was just KILLED by a commerical for this.