Tuesday, December 06, 2005

what will probably be a disappointing follow up to the previous, rather exciting post 

"So ESC! Now that you're engaged, do you feel any different?"

ummm...no. Sorry. I do have a smidge too tight wedding band looking ring on my finger. but...that's about it.


how about some pictures? Everyone loves pictures!!!

finished tree!
My tree! It's small...but well dressed.

and here's Sadie watching me decorate...

what the FUCK are you people doing?
this is her "what the fuck?" look.

and here is my christmas wreath! It's live, which means I have pine needles everywhere. EV-ER-Y-WHERE! Good lord, how did they get THERE???
christmas wreath

I added the sparkly bits and bow myself!

and what meal do you make for your first dinner as a fianced couple???

butternut squash risotto, of course!
butternut squash risotto

aaaand...that's it. Kev meets with the ring designer tomorrow, so...to make sure he stays EXTRA HAPPY, I basically let him do bad things to me when I got home from work today. Ouch. Yeah...my ass got spanked. HARD! Dammit. It was my belated birthday spanking. And an extra hard "one to grow on." *wince* My ass is still red!

He made it up to me afterwards, though ;)