Tuesday, December 20, 2005

temporary lack of blogging time 

Really, I am too busy to blog. WAY to busy.


shouldn't be blogging.

at all.


also, while I have a few ideas rattling around up there ("conversations with Jeeeeesus about the war on christmas," "our post-docs bizzare party experience," "more damn pictures of stuff I'm knitting and baking," etc, etc), none of them want to come out of my fingers, on to the keyboard, to make a coherent post. But then again, when have my posts ever been coherent? Never stops you people!



see? you people will read anything.

anyway, I really am swamped. I'm struggling to finish two scarves and do some last minute baking. and I have mentioned the christmas cards? NOT A ONE FINISHED! Nothing is mailed yet. I am such a slacker. And instead of attending to those things...I am blogging. Well, I do have white chocolate cherry cookie bars in the oven...so I am doing SOMETHING useful.

Last night I intended to be useful, but instead Kev decided that a MUCH better use of my time was to get a thoroughly intense session of hot monkey sex.

on the couch.

So think of THAT if any of you visit me and sit on my couch.

And the person I bought the couch from occasionally reads this blog. And has sat on it since I took ownershipt of it. heheheheheheheeee!

I got off topic.

What was my topic? Oh yeah, how I am too busy to blog.