Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sweet Sunday 

Woke up early this morning to get to church before the choir all had to be there, so I could warm up on my trombone. Amazingly, I had some extra time to have some breakfast before I left, so I decided to pour myself a bowl of...


Fuck. Spent my extra time throwing away TWO newly opened boxes of cereal, removing everything off the top of the fridge, cleaning, and then spraying with a good dose of roach and ant spray.

"NEAR FOOD, ESC??? are you trying to KILL someone????"

I weigh my options. Food with ants all in it? Or the bottoms of boxes of cereal and...instant potatoes (shut UP, they're good) maybe touching some poison residue.

I risk it. I fucking HATE ants. I haven't died yet!

Anyway...no breakfast for me. I do get to church in time to warm up a bit, though.
God, my chops are so out of shape! The music service went VERY well, though, in spite of a panicked moment when, during the processional, the men waited TWO measures to start their verse instead of one...ACK! SING DAMMIT!

And my trombone part went well, too! It's interesting to play while people are singing. The choir has a tendencey to drag the beat, which is frustrating sometimes.

Afterwards to the lab for a couple of hours, and THEN, while I had HOPED to get home to make cookies...noooooo...I had to go out and buy more cereal AND buy some of those plastic cereal containers to keep the ants out. I decided to try my luck with Target.

While I found some things to aid in my cookie making (cooling racks - stackable! and a cookie dough scoop - how have I lived without this???), I couldn't find any of those containers. I walked through the whole store three times, mentall crying "DON'T MAKE ME GO TO HELL-MART!!!"

I had to go to hell mart.

But I found what I needed quickly, and got OUT of there, avoiding screaming kids and herds of women standing in the middle and blocking the aisle, having arguments in another language about...dish soap, apparently.


By the time I got home, I was exhausted. Kev went to church with me to hear me sing (isn't he sweet?) and then went to a gun show (shut UP!). we got home around the same time, and fell asleep on either end of the couch together, our legs tangled up and keeping each other warm.


Then I woke up and made some cookies! Only one kind today - ricotta cookies.

ricotta cheese cookies

close up of cookies