Sunday, December 04, 2005

Stop me! 

Stop me before I shop again!

So yesterday in the mail I got the lane bryant discount card. Great - I just SPENT almost $100 there last week on my christmas ensemble. So...it was BACK to the mall today. Return and REbuy, dammit!

Ended up being a sweet deal, because it turns out the sweater was 30% off, so I actually had to grab a pair of stockings, just to get to $75 so I could save $25. All together: I started out with a camisole and sweater for $95, and it ended up costing me $55. Sweet!

So...I had to buy shoes!

new shoes
Check out the bling on them! I hope they don't end up on Sloth's fug list. It was FATE, I tell ya. They were on the clearance rack for 30% off - the 10s were a leeetle too tight. But there were no 11s (I hate buying 11s though, because while they fit better width wise, they're usually too long on my feet), when I went back to the 10 section...and spotted....a 10.5! oh my god! it's like the holy grail of shoes!

They're 9 west, and only cost me $52. Sweet. The only bad part? Holy shit, WHY do they make women's dress shoes that have been DIAMOND POLISHED on the bottom? Seriously, I could NOT WALK over to the mirrors. I had to GLIDE over. I'm going to take some sandpaper to them before I kill myself.

So...you wanna see the whole outfit?

the complete outfit

yeah, it's a shitty picture. I couldn't get far enough away so that it was in focus better. and I couldn't use the flash, so I had to use my piss-poor photoshop skills to try to brighten it up.

anyone want to contribute to the "buy ESC a Nikon D50" fund?

I'll send ya nekkid pics! :)


anyway...so that's my "going out for my birthday" and "christmas eve church" outfit. I bought the skirt a few months ago for my high school graduation. I have PLENTY of black skirts, I didn't need to buy any more! The little sweater has sparkles in it, which you can't really see from the picture.

And of course, my ugly ass legs will be covered with some stockings.

So hopefully, my selfish shopping is DONE for a little while.

oh yeah, I bought gloves to match my new coat, too.

and...that's it.