Thursday, December 15, 2005


stitch markers!

I love the smell of transaction in the afternoon. I just sold two sets of stitch markers to MoeThatsMe. Everyone go over there and thank her for supporting my addictive yarn habit. mmmmm...yaaaaarn. You are all jealous, and now want a set. But for the time being TOO BAD...I won't have time before the new year. I also have fabric to make at least 4 more knitting needle cases, which will also be on hold until next year.

Busy day ahead now. I'm skipping out early...EARLY! Like say...20 minutes, to buy two goof gifts for the white elephant gift exchange at our lab party tomorrow night, then get my hair cut (trying a new place...WISH ME LUCK), then go to the monthly stitch and bitch where I will eat junk food for dinner and work on my father's scarf*, and on my way home from that, pick up fresh rosemary and thyme, so that when I get home, I can make the butternut squash and apple gallette that I'm bringing the the aforementioned party tomorrow.


And wow, the cut/uncut discussion really got interesting in the comments of the previous post. Feel free to continue to wax poetic about your preferences for male fleshy coverings - it's just way too entertaining to read.

and whoa...I am almost at 50,000 hits. Nice. I have no idea what I should do when it happens...some nice way to reward my wonderful readers...hmmm...any ideas?

Of course, who I REALLY should be rewarding is Erosblog. Guess which day my site was mentioned AGAIN there?

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