Thursday, December 01, 2005

so this is excitement for ya, huh? 

an announcement:

If you take a doozy of a shit in the restroom, please, as a courtesy, after flushing: do a quick turd-check. some of us don't like to see the MONSTER TURD stuck halfway because you were in too much of a hurry.


in non-shit news

My birthday package from my mom arrived today. There was some debate in the lab as whether or not I should be able to open it, as my birthday is not until Monday.

I decided to end the debate by calling my mom and getting her opinion.

Mom: "how old are you now that you have to ask this????"

She didn't care either way, but said it would be beneficial to the lab if I opened the package now - there were goodies to share inside. Upon hearing the prospect of goodies, the anti-opening group quickly changed over to the the pro side. Food changes everything!

I got a portable speaker system for my mini and a check for a new winter coat. YAY! also, to share, a whooooole package of Eat n Park smiley face cookies! Pittsburgh nostalgia for everyone!

Of course, those were the two big gifts I asked for this year: speakers and a coat. So what am I getting for Christmas? WHO KNOWS! kind of scary.

Still no more hints on what Julie has taken to calling "engagement watch 2005." Geez, people, I guess now that E-Lo's had the baby, there's not much else exciting going on in blogville. I keep teasing Kev "sooo...got those 'errands' done yet?" yeah...not so funny after a while. I'm starting to think he might put it off just to shut me up.

Rest assured, blogville will be...well...not FIRST, but on the short list should anything exciting happen. I'm guessing...not for a little while yet.