Friday, December 16, 2005


the only reason I am at work right now is that our lab's christmas party is tonight, and it will be kick-ass. I am SO FRIGGIN' TIRED!

And I left work EARLY yesterday! Not to goof around, though.

For the party, we always do a white elephant gift exchange. If you are not familiar with the concept, what we do it buy the funniest, tackiest, most horrifying gift we can find for $5 or less, wrap it up pretty, and put it under Boss lady's christmas tree. Then we all draw numbers from a hat, and starting with #1, pick presents. Then #2 can pick a wrapped present, or steal #1's gift, making THEM pick a new present.

It is hysterical. Especially with people's kids there. The kids LOVE this. I had to pick up two gifts, since Kev and I will both be participating. I think I might have outdone myself this year, and I should probably go apologize to boss lady in advance. You see, she has a daughter who, for some reason, always ends up with at least one of the gifts that we bring. Usually both, because one of her brothers will get the other one and just give it to her because SHE WANTS IT SOOO BADLY! It's like we are polar opposites on the horrifyingly tacky spectrum.

This year I got:

a stuffed monkey that wraps around your neck via velcro, and when you squeeze his paw, he wiggles and vibrates and makes monkey chatterning noises, all for just a bit longer than neccessary.

a...how do I describe this? You know one of those dressmakers's fitting dummies? OK, picture a tiny one...covered in black satiny fabric with pink polka dots and trimmed with fluffy pink feathers...oh, and it's a LAMP.


Love it.

So after finding THOSE gems and a quick stop at chick fil a (mmmm...chickin'), I went to my hair appointment. Remember, this was a new place for me, so NEVERWRACKING! It did seem like one of those places I wasn't quite cool enough to be in, but everyone was really nice. The guy that cut my hair was WONDERFUL, and very funny. He did a great job, too! Maybe I'll post pics later - I need to redo my dye job, too. and you know how sometimes in a nice salon, someone will come around and offer you some water, green tea, etc? Well, in the middle of my appointment, a woman came around and offered me...a COSMIPOLITAN.

awesome. I was tipsy for the next hour. Nothing like a drunken haircut!

Then down the road to my Local Yarn Store (or LYS, for those in the "know") for the monthly Stitch and Bitch. Fun! Got a lot accomplished, including starting and ALMOST finishing a gift for little Lyric, aka "fuzzbeast."

Then to Kroger to pick up some fresh herbs and then HOME, just before 10pm, so I can make the veggie dish (with fresh herbs) that I'm bringing to the party tonight.

So...I got to be last night around 2am.

zzzzzz....huh? wha?

Fortunately, I don't have much to do today. Boss lady is at home, preparing her house for the party, so I can goof around a bit...(hehehe.. A BIT, like I don't do that on days when she IS here).